Trauma Kit with QuikClot

QuikClot is widely used by police, emergency personnel and military personnel because it is excellent at stopping severe bleeding and saving lives.

Contains Blood Clotting Products, Latex Free Nitrile Gloves, Gauze, Tape, Anti-septic Wipes

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"... This kit has everything that you need to control severe blood loss ... Impressed at the quality of the items and pack ... equipped to save a life ... will really help in case of a serious injury ... Has all of the essentials that you may need in an emergency"

It is important to be able to protect yourself and others at all times. The Auto Trauma kit works well in any situation, and was especially made for situations involving severe trauma and blood loss. Having this kit on hand can be the difference between life and death.

Many people are alive today because of the QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge. When someone needs a blood clotting agent due to a vehicle or road accident, QuikClot is the best there is. 

QuikClot has an inert mineral – zeolite – with no adverse reactions reported from over 8 million units shipped.

The QuikClot single use mesh pouch helps stop bleeding fast.  When injuries occur far from medical facilities, QuikClot can help control bleeding until help arrives or you can get to the appropriate medical facility.

The great thing about this trauma kit is that it provides you with all the essential items to save a life – yours or another’s. It contains key lifesaving items that you need in the event of an emergency.


Type: Trauma Kit with QuikClot