Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks - The Best?

Is this the best sleep mask on the market?

According to reviews by Amazon buyers, the answer is YES. See the reviews.

"... I slept like a baby ... I love it! ... This blocks all the light out ... The mask is very light on the face and not hot ... Haven't slept this well in ages! ... Probably the best sleep mask on the market ... It is soft and nice feeling on the face ... This sleep mask blocks out all light and is very comfortable! ... I slept very well and woke up relaxed"

  • So Light & Soft You Almost Don't Feel It
  • Breathes Really Well & Doesn't Ruin Makeup
  • Durable High Quality Materials That Last
  • Fits All Head Sizes - From Small Child to XXL Male
  • Blocks All Light
  • Comes With Ear Plugs Stored in Strap
  • Elastic Strip is Wide and Comfortable And Holds Its Shape

Enjoy a Good Sleep and be Well Rested – at night, during the day, while you travel or take naps

A Soft, Comfortable and Durable Sleep Mask for a Great Sleep – Love it Or Get Your Money Back!

You may have bought a sleep mask in the past, only to find that it was poor quality, let in light, was uncomfortable and worst of all, broke after a few uses. Fret not – this one is Great Quality, Blocks Light Really Well, is Soft & Comfortable AND very Durable.

You will love your PrimeEffects Sleep Mask. Comes with 60-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

The sturdy wide strap is easily adjustable using the velcro fasteners. It is comfortable, really well attached and holds the mask exactly where you want it. No worries about thin straps that tear apart from the mask or cut into your skin.

The strap has 2 snazzy holders for your ear plugs – this keeps everything together so the small parts don’t get lost or misplaced.

The super light weight and flexible mask is comfortable whether you use it for a short nap, on a long flight or all night.

Benefits of the PrimeEffects Sleeping Masks:

- It actually blocks out the light and stays in place naturally, even when you move around and roll over

- Sturdy construction using soft and light weight materials

- Great for both men & women

- Won’t smudge makeup

- Adjustable straps fit all head sizes

- Ear plugs store in strap and don’t get lost

- Easily fits into your bag

- Light weight and washable

- Clear instructions on how to best use both mask and ear plugs for best results, so light stays out of your eyes and sounds are greatly reduced

This Sleep Mask really DOES block out ALL the light

Stays in place naturally, even when you move around and roll over
Super light weight, but with sturdy construction – it does NOT fall apart after a couple months like so many other sleep masks do. The elastic strap maintains its shape and elasticity
So soft and light weight it barely feels like it is there. It doesn’t smudge makeup or make your eyes puffy
Comes with earplugs and excellent tips for best use and results. Ear plugs stay with the mask, so they don’t get lost or misplaced

The Sleep Mask is best used as follows, to effectively block all light from your eyes:

1. Hold the Mask with the Logo facing away from you, and with the short strap on the right.

2. Lightly fold the Mask so the nose flap lifts up, and place the mask over your eyes.

3. Lightly tighten the strap around your head and secure the velcro strap attachment.

The Ear Plugs are best used as follows:

1. Roll rounded end of ear plug between thumb and index finger to make it thin.

2. Lift the top of your ear to open the ear canal.

3. Insert the thin (rolled) end of the ear plug into the ear canal, and hold it there for a few seconds while the ear plug expands and secures itself.

Don’t wait – take advantage of this amazing deal today!

Add To Cart now and get proper rest when you sleep, travel or nap.

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