CPR Mask Key Chain Kit (5-pack) - One-way Valve and Face Mask

Protect yourself while saving another's life.

Amazon buyers love these bestselling keychain kits. See the reviews.

"... This product is a must have for anyone trained in CPR ... As a police officer, I don't have room to carry a full size face mask on my duty belt, these little guys solved that problem ... Convenient and easy to carry all in one package! I love these little guys ... Having just completed a Red Cross CPR class, one of these handy shields is on my keychain ... These are great. We are using them for a special event medical volunteer team, for use in their jump bag. Super compact ... Very useful! This product is the perfect size to put onto a set of keys, a backpack, etc."

Sturdy Red Nylon Pouch
Breathing Barrier Mask with Clear and Simple Instructions
One-way valve protects against infection and contamination
Fits easily in purses, pockets, glove boxes and most anywhere

Saves lives with CPR without putting yourself at risk of infection.

This is a multi-pack of CPR Mask Key Chain kits, so you have them where needed, or enough to share with family and friends.

You will want to have one of these on hand when suddenly someone needs CPR. Having one at home in a drawer while you are in a restaurant or outdoors is not going to be much use.

CPR masks are a must when performing CPR or rescue breathing as they help prevent transmission of harmful bacteria.

These Mini CPR Keychain kits are the EXACT same kits used by the American Red Cross - they come off the same assembly line with the exact same specifications.

At 2" x 2", these ultra-compact, easy to use CPR Keychain Kits feature CPR Face Shields with one-way valves (not just filters like some brands) which prevent cross-contamination. Essential operating instructions are printed on the semi-transparent barriers, which also allow the rescuer to monitor patient color and response. These are great as all-around CPR masks, as one size fits children to adults.

Get these kits now. As you add these to your cart, make sure you get enough to have them handy if and when they become needed. Your car, boat, home, purse, work desk are all good places to have these kits.

5 Mini CPR Breathing Barrier Keychain Kits
These are the EXACT Same Mini CPR Keychain Kits Used by the American Red Cross
Breathing Barrier with One-way Valve Protects You While You Save Someone's Life
Face Shield Prevents Mouth-to-mouth Contact and Risk of Infection or Contamination
Great for glove compartment, boat, purse, keychain or home

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