Amazing Sleep Mask - Black

Amazing Sleep - that is what you get with this mask.

"... I slept like a baby ... I love it! ... This blocks all the light out ... The mask is very light on the face and not hot ... Haven't slept this well in ages! ... Probably the best sleep mask on the market ... It is soft and nice feeling on the face ... This sleep mask blocks out all light and is very comfortable! ... I slept very well and woke up relaxed"

We took our best sleep mask and made it better:

  • Slightly bigger but weighs even less
  • Softer and lighter strap
  • Adjusts to any size head with ease - small child to XXL male
  • No velcro - no stuck hair
  • Great carry pouch now included

 and just like before:

  • So Light & Soft You Almost Don't Feel It
  • Breathes Really Well & Doesn't Ruin Makeup
  • Durable High Quality Materials That Last
  • Blocks All Light
  • Comes With Ear Plugs Stored in Strap
  • Elastic Strip is Slim and Comfortable And Holds Its Shape

Enjoy a Good Sleep and be Well Rested – at night, during the day, while you travel or take naps

You may have bought a sleep mask in the past, only to find that it was poor quality, let in light, was uncomfortable and worst of all, broke after a few uses. Fret not – this one is Great Quality, Blocks Light Really Well, is Soft & Comfortable AND very Durable.

You will love your PrimeEffects Sleep Mask. Comes with 60-day No Questions Asked Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Comes with clear instructions on how to best use both mask and ear plugs for best results, so light stays out of your eyes and sounds are greatly reduced

Get yours now, and get much better sleep!


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