1st Aid & Safety Selected By PrimeEffects For CPR Keychain First Aid Kits.

PrimeEffects released a new product, the 5-pack Mini CPR Mask Keychain First Aid kits, aimed a consumers and first aid CPR trainers. The kits are a popular option for being prepared in case of emergencies requiring CPR and particularly mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Such emergencies happen when least expected, and it is important to first responders that they are protected from infection or contamination from those they help. PrimeEffects selected 1st Aid And Safety as the supplier of these kits due to the proven record of these kits with the American Red Cross.

The product is sold by PrimeEffects on Amazon, and contains 5 keychain kits. Each kit consists of a tough and durable nylon pouch with a key ring, allowing the user to keep it with their keys or in a purse, instantly available when and if an emergency arises requiring CPR first aid. Inside the kit is a plastic face shield made of soft transparent plastic with instructions printed on it, and a one-way valve in the center.

The valve allows air in only one direction, and blocks air and fluids in the other direction, thus protecting the person administering CPR. The one-way valve design played an important role in the selection of this mask, combining simplicity with extreme reliability.

The 5-pack kits are popular with CPR trainers, who often include them as a part of the training package they deliver, giving one to each trainee. They are popular also with consumers, who often wish to have several CPR masks available various places, such as keyrings, vehicles, purses and more.

PrimeEffects specializes in finding and making available quality items that consumers are glad to have among their personal effects. This now includes the Mini CPR Mask 5-Pack (PrimeEffects.com/MiniCPRMask).





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