PrimeEffects Launches Trauma Kit With QuikClot & Tourniquet From 1st Aid And Safety

December 5, 2013 - Dunedin, Florida -- Clearwater, FL December 5

PrimeEffects has chosen and has released a new product, the Trauma Kit with QuikClot and Tourniquet (, aimed a consumers and EMTs for situations of extreme blood loss and potential loss of limbs or life. The kits are advanced kits for this kind of situation, where saving a life requires speed and the exact right tools.

The Kits contain basic first aid components for wound care and bleeding, augmented by both the QuikClot product and the SWAT-T Tourniquet. The QuikClot safely and very effectively stops blood loss by causing the blood in a wound to clot rapidly. The SWAT-T Tourniquet helps both professionals and untrained personnel apply a tourniquet correctly and rapidly, by being elastic to just the right degree and by having visual indications on the tourniquet itself which inform the user when the right amount pf pressure has been applied.

QuikClot promotes clotting within minutes from application and is safe, effective and easy to use. Designed for use by Healthcare Professionals, Law Enforcement Officers and the Military, QuikClot is the only blood clotting agent recommended by the Department of Defense for all branches of the U.S. Military for severe hemorrhage on the battlefield.

Unlike other blood clotting products, QuikClot does not have side effects or cause complications, and is non-toxic. It has been credited with saving thousands of lives, is battle tested, and is recommended and approved for use by the military and all branches of the US government.

The SWAT-T Tourniquet is similarly battle tested and is well known by professionals for saving lives.

The Trauma Kit with QuikClot and Tourniquet ( ) is sold by PrimeEffects on Amazon. Each kit consists of a tough and durable nylon pouch with a strong clip for easy storage in any convenient location, instantly available when and if an emergency arises. Inside the kit is the QuikClot Advanced Blood Clotting Sponge, the SWAT-T Tourniquet, a pair of Antiseptic Gloves, some Antiseptic Wipes, a Triangular Bandage, a Gauze Bandage and a roll of Medical Tape.

The Trauma Kit with QuikClot & Tourniquet is designed to stop bleeding at the scene so more advanced care can be sought later.

About PrimeEffects

PrimeEffects specializes in finding and making available quality items that consumers are glad to have among their personal effects. Our latest product is a Trauma Kit by 1st Aid And Safety which includes both the fantastic and literally lifesaving blood clotting sponge from QuikClot and the revolutionary tourniquet from SWAT-T Tourniquet (

Philip Jepsen

Philip Jepsen
Philip Jepsen