Why You Should Always Choose a First Aid Kit That is ANSI Compliant


First aid emergencies happen every day and when they do, you want a first aid kit that’s up to the task. Make your search for a first aid kit easier by always purchasing the peace of mind certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A first aid kit that’s ANSI compliant is marked as meeting the right standards.

Worker Safety – ANSI and OSHA Combined

An ANSI compliant kit also meets OSHA requirements. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, part of the US Department of Labor, responsible for workplace safety and ensuring every work environment meets proper standards. That includes minimum standards for workplace first aid kits, called the OSHA/ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 qualifications. ANSI and OSHA together make a powerful combination of federal government and private non-profit expertise.

Workplace Safety

A 2015 report by OSHA showed the enormous costs and consequences of workplace injuries for everyone concerned. Ensure your workplace has ANSI compliant first aid kits and be fully prepared. They may not prevent injury, but they’re the best kits to have on hand when injury strikes.


ANSI standards lay out two classes of first aid kits to make your choice easier: Class A and Class B. Each has a minimum requirement for supplies. The Class A first aid kit is a basic kit that’s more compact and good for many places, including most small workplaces, along with your home or car. It’s designed for standard things that can go wrong in a workplace. A Class B kit is larger and stocked with a wider range of supplies to cover more people and more complex issues. For home use, travel, and the like, a Class A kit will more than suffice. The Class B is great, although larger and less portable.

Great Bug-Out Bag Addition

A bug-out bag is an emergency kit that you should keep outside your home in the event of an emergency like an earthquake or anything that keeps you out of your home for a while. It should be stocked with supplies of food, water, emergency blankets, flashlights, batteries, tools, and… a first aid kit. Get an ANSI approved kit and you are well covered. It’s so much easier than trying to assemble first aid supplies yourself, especially as you have enough to think about when stocking your bug-out bag. Such a kit will also include expiry dates on any perishable items.


Buying a first aid kit that complies with ANSI standards is always a worthwhile investment. There is no price you can put on safety. Spending money for peace of mind is money well spent. ANSI-compliant first aid kits will provide that peace of mind. Furthermore, you can supplement them with other useful items like a trauma kit for more severe bleeding and a CPR mask.

Whether it be for work, home, travel or sport, always make sure your first aid kit meets ANSI’s standards and be confident you have the best.

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