The Perfect Gift for the Motorcycle Enthusiast You Love

motorcycle-safety-hornMotorcycles are fun to ride. On the other hand, having someone in your life who rides can be a nerve wracking experience. There are many dangers on the road that motorcyclists have to deal with. However responsible a rider your loved one may be, there’s still almost no protection from other road users. Motorcyclists are cut off by car drivers every day. Just check out some motovlogs on YouTube to see for yourself. Well, maybe not. You don’t need any extra worry.

But you can give your beloved motorcycle nut a big help, while also solving the problem of what kind of gift to get for a motorhead. A loud air horn on a motorcycle is one of the best ways to help protect a rider. Especially one that sounds like a wild banshee.

Safety Factor

motorcycle-hornBecause car drivers are not well conditioned to look for motorcycles, especially in their blind spots, it’s important for a rider to be heard at crucial moments. When a car crosses lanes toward a rider, a blast on an air horn designed for motorcycle use can send a clear message for the car driver to change course. The regular horn installed on a bike is often not adequate. The right air horn gives a sound that reaches 123 decibels. That’s about the same as 50 feet away from a jet fighter taking off from an aircraft carrier and louder than a chainsaw or a thunderclap.

Buying an air horn for a motorcycle enthusiast is an investment in their safety.

Fashionable, Unobtrusive

We’re not talking about an air horn you’d find on an 18-wheel truck or at a football game. Those things are too big for a bike. We mean one that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Don’t let your motorcyclist take no for an answer. Sometimes bikers can be picky about adding stuff to their rides, but the right small air horn can fit in perfectly with a bike’s look.

Be sure the horn can operate using the bike’s regular horn button and kick in quickly when that button is held down.

Visual Warning

That air horn for your motorcycle enthusiast should include the capability to wire into the bike’s headlight high beam and flash it when the button is pressed. Every bit of safety helps.

The Installation Process

Most motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy working on their own bikes. Giving the person you love a new air horn will provide the chance to do this fun activity. (Otherwise, a service center can quickly and easily install it.) Be certain it comes with everything needed for installation. Wiring an air horn is fairly simple. In less than an hour, your loved one could be out on the road feeling safer and more conspicuous than ever.

Shop now for the ultimate air horn for the motorcyclist in your life.

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