All About the SWAT-T Tourniquet


The SWAT-T tourniquet is a multi-purpose first aid dressing that was developed by a former medic with extensive field experience for use by SWAT teams. But it has proven itself outstanding for civilian use as well and is a must item to be included in any good trauma kit.

SWAT is an acronym for Stretch, Wrap and Tuck. That neatly describes how to apply this tourniquet. It is an outstanding tool that has undergone testing in extreme conditions to ensure it will not fail in a real blood loss emergency.

So Much More Than a Tourniquet

The SWAT-T is a versatile dressing and can be used as a:

  • Tourniquet. Apply it to slow and stop severe bleeding from extremities and prevent death. The SWAT-T has been thoroughly tested in numerous training exercises with no ill effects to healthy limbs. Evidence from the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan has shown that using tourniquets has reduced the incidence of complications and kept morbidity rates from severe trauma extremely low.
  • Pressure dressing. When bleeding is not life-threatening, the SWAT-T can be used as a pressure dressing to promote clotting. A sterile dressing should be placed on the wound before the SWAT-T is wrapped around the wound and sealed by tucking or taping the end. Be sure to check for a pulse in the extremity below the tourniquet to ensure it is receiving sufficient blood supply.
  • Elastic bandage. This is where the SWAT-T really shows its versatility. It can be used as an elastic bandage to:
  • stabilize a twisted or dislocated joint, like a knee, ankle or shoulder
  • provide a sling for a shoulder
  • hold ice over a strain
  • close and protect wounds
  • splint and immobilize
  • provide loose pressure to wounds on the chest or abdomen
  • contain abdominal contents in the case of evisceration.

Compared with other tourniquets, the SWAT-T can be applied higher in the groin or armpit to stop bleeding more effectively.

Easy to Use

The SWAT-T tourniquet enables a faster way to control excessive bleeding from an extremity. It can be applied within seconds with little training.

Simple instructions for use are printed on a card included in the package. On the tourniquet itself is a special system of markings. As you stretch and wrap the tourniquet, the markings will change to particular shapes to tell you it has been applied with the right pressure to stop blood loss.

Works When Wet

When bleeding is severe, it is natural that a tourniquet will get blood on it. No problem. That will not affect the SWAT-T’s performance in any way. After one wrap, it will grab strongly onto itself, even when wet or dirty.

The evidence is clear: the SWAT-T tourniquet is an easy-to-use and indispensable lifesaving device that should be a standard part of any first aid kit and trauma kit. When your kit also includes QuikClot sponges for controlling bleeding, you will be well equipped to handle any potential emergency.

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