7 Brilliant Uses for Disc Magnets

disc magnet usesMost disc magnets you might come across are only as big around as your pinky fingernail and are stuck to your fridge. Yet they pack some power. Neodymium magnets are what they’re really called and their pull force is around 2 pounds and up, depending on the magnet’s size. You may not be aware that their uses are so many they could rival duct tape. Let’s check out some ingenious disc magnet uses. Just remember they’re not toys and can be swallowing hazards around children and pets, so use them wisely.


  1. Battery Extraction

Batteries in small compartments and stubborn holders are pretty infuriating. Using things like pliers, butter knives and screwdrivers to pry them from their tombs can cause damage. Maybe you smack things against a hard surface to dislodge batteries. Forget the hassle and frustration. A few simple disc magnets can do the trick easily. Stack several magnets together. (Combining them increases their power and reach.) Then attach them to a stuck battery and pull. Voila!

  1. Locate Studs

Don’t have a stud finder for your walls? You could tap and listen for the sound to change, or you could use a better solution. Take a disc magnet (or two together) and slide it over your wall, both across and also up and down. The powerful little thing will latch on to a screw or nail in a stud on the other side. If you have metal studs, even better - it’ll attach to those. Leave it in place and you don’t even have to mark up your wall.

  1. Clasp Replacement

Holding things shut is a very simple use for disc magnets. Think jewelry boxes, tool boxes, cabinet doors, gates, drawers, and more. Secure a small strip of metal to the thing you wish to hold shut and a magnet to the frame where it will close.

  1. Tool Holder

disc magnet usesDon’t have a tool belt? Put a disc magnet or two (or three) in your pocket. With these powerful little suckers, you can hang a wrench from your pants pocket, even a hammer. Your hands will be free to work and you won’t have to bend down or twist around to find your tool. Also attach nails and screws to the magnet(s) to save reaching into pockets.

  1. Magnet Repair

That’s right, use a magnet to fix a magnet problem. If your fridge door is having problems staying closed, insert a disc magnet or two into the accordion rubber seal to close the gap.

Likewise, if a window magnet for your alarm system is weak, use a disc magnet to replace that. 

  1. Levitation Fun

This is a fun use for disc magnets. It’s also a science project for children to get into. Diamagnetic levitation is the term. It means using the repulsing ends of two magnets to make an object levitate. Attach or insert the magnets and entertain the kids with ‘magic’.  

  1. Car Cover Holder

It’s frustrating to place a cover over your precious ride and later find it on the ground or down the street after the wind took it off. Your simple solution is to attach disc magnets to the car cover and let them anchor the cover to your vehicle. Just be sure the magnets aren’t touching the metal of your car directly and scratching it.

That’s just a few disc magnet uses that are more than handy. And let’s face it, even for the most serious adult, they’re still kinda fun and cool. Get some neodymium disc magnets now and you’ll wonder how you even survived without them.

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